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Following Flag Protocol on Memorial Day

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What does the US flag truly represent?

Your values, your freedom, your identity, your heritage.

Regardless of our political beliefs, our ethnic and racial differences, the flag acts as a powerful symbol of bravery and sacrifice—the sacrifices of our service members, our honorable soldiers and esteemed veterans.

We all wave this flag ceremoniously come Memorial Day, but how do we pay our respects to the men and women who selflessly throw themselves into the mouth of danger to secure our freedom?

We partake unanimously in a moment of silence that venerates their courage and honors their sacrifice. This means following a protocol that takes into account specific guidelines established by the US National Flag Code.

Paying Your Respects

Memorial Day isn’t just about erecting a red, white and blue banner that spells “America”. It’s about commemorating the innumerable heroes of our country—nameless crusaders who battled real demons to give us a proud nation that thrives on equality and justice.

If you know someone who was enlisted, or simply take immense pride in being an American, follow the official flag protocol when waving your symbol of power and freedom:

1. Raise the flag briskly; never rush.

It’s a ceremony, after all, and raising the flag is a crucial component of the ritual. Make sure it avoids contact with the ground at all times. Take your time to raise the flag, maintaining a steady pace and making sure the weather is appropriate.

2. Fly your flag half-staff from dawn until noon.

Sunrise and noon mark pivotal points of the day, the sun acting as a symbolic representation of the great valor and service of our countrymen. At noon, the flag is raised to full-staff right until sunset. You may choose to fly your flag at night on a day other than Memorial Day, provided it is illuminated by proper lighting.

3. Do not pin the flag during the ceremony.

Allow it to wave freely, and fall openly—the motion reminiscent of the winds of courage that help us soar as a free nation. If you are unable to raise or lower your flag on Memorial Day, simply tie a black streamer at the top of the flagpole that bears the same width of the stripes and mirrors the length of the flag itself.

Memorial Day weekend gives us three days to honor the heroes of our land, and to remind ourselves of their unparalleled commitment to serve.

When you pay your respects to our service members, be mindful of flag protocol—starting with purchasing the right flag.

We specialize in historical and decorative flags, including but not limited to military and civilian service flags, which make Memorial Day possible.

We’re Flags Poles and More—and we honor the flag, just as we do our nation.


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