Best Flagpole Solar Light Commercial Grade

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  • Best Flagpole Solar Light Commercial Grade
  • Best Flagpole Solar Light Commercial Grade
  • Best Flagpole Solar Light Commercial Grade
  • Best Flagpole Solar Light Commercial Grade
  • Best Flagpole Solar Light Commercial Grade


Best Solar Flagpole light.  If you been looking for a great solar light for your flagpole this is the one.

We even offer a double light setup that is this solar light with one more light click here for more details.

Also comes with a ground spike if you don't want to mount on a pole.

Comes with a warranty direct from manufacturer!

LED Lights and Solar Panel - 3 years

Batteries and Printed Circuit Board - 1 year

Case, connectors and wires - 90 days

Solar panel 4.5V 400mA 
Rechargeable Li-ion battery 3.7V 2000mAh Lithium ion battery 
12 pcs LEDs 
72 Lumens 
Aluminum Housing 
Solar panel charges battery by day, for automatic illumination at night. 
Typically provides 6 to 12 hours of illumination based on conditions. 
Solar light mounts on any flagpole 2" to 4" in diameter. 
Comes with 4 stainless steel mounting rings to hold solar light around flagpole. 
Two 2" stainless steel mounting rings and two 4" stainless steel mounting rings. 
Mounting rings are hose clamps that adjust to fit around your 4" and below flagpole.   

LED Solar Flag Light





The product is designed as a stand-alone flag-light which automatically illuminates once the ambient light is dark enough. It is completely solar powered and installed in position where the solar panel will receive maximum sun per day. It’s energy-saving, auto switches on/off and is has an appealing design.

The unit has a single spotlight with 12 super bright LED’s. Lithium rechargeable battery which is easily replaceable. The unit is easily installed and widely used in a broad range of applications.




1   --- 1 x Battery Box and integrated solar panel


2   ---1 x LED lamp fitting


3   --- 1 x lamp fitting for pole






  • Choose a place to situate the unit where there is abundant sunshine during the day.
  • Any cover or shade on the panel will affect its performance to charge the battery resulting in a shorter run time of the light during the night.
  • The solar panel is adjustable, 45 degrees is the best setting. The selected location should not be near a night time light source like a porch or street light. If the panel receives light on it at any time it will not allow the automatic day/night sensor to turn the light on.


  • The light heads can be spiked into soft ground.

After installation, connect wire and switch ON the unit on the battery box. The light will automatically be operational when the panel detects that it’s dark enough.


  • If there is not enough sunlight on the solar panel, the unit may not charge, please ensure that the unit is placed in a position where there is at least 5 hours of sunlight a day.
  • If there is too much ambient light, the unit will not activate as it will assume that it is not dark enough.
  • Please keep the solar panel clean by wiping it once every few months with a damp cloth or paper towel. Don’t use strong detergents or acid based cleaners.
  • Rainy and cloudy conditions over continuous days will also affect the charging ability of the light.


  • Batteries should not be stored unless fully charged. Storing a battery on an empty charge will destroy it. If you are going to turn the unit off for a long period of time, please charge the unit for about 20 hours and then turn the switch off.


If the battery begins to illuminate dimly or for short durations of time and you know that it has had sufficient sunlight on the panel in order to charge, you should replace the battery in the following way:

  1. Take off the battery cover on the back of solar unit and take off the old battery.
  2. Replace the new battery and remount the unit.



1.          Be sure that battery polarities are correct. Wrong polarity is dangerous.

2.          Do not dispose of old battery. It should be recycled.


This is the best solar light I have ever sold or seen. I highly recommend this solar light.

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5 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Vito J Leuci on Feb 6th 2018

    Best Flagpole solar light I have ever used. Mounted mine right on Flagpole. Bright long lasting lights.

  • 5
    Excellent solar flag light

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 7th 2018

    Well packaged. Excellent quality. Light works awesome!!

  • 5
    Oh Say Can You See...

    Posted by Cliff on Sep 16th 2017

    I bought this "Best Flag Pole Light" to replace the light that is on the top of our flag pole. We have a one piece, 20' pole and I didn't want to take it down to replace the light. I also could not find a quality flag pole light locally. Every thing I saw on-line had more bad reviews than good. Until I found this light. Short of permanent, in ground installations, this is the best lighting option I've found.

    After about a month of use I can say that the light has been great. Comes on every night. Stays lit all night. As our days are getting shorter, we'll see about the"all night" thing but for now a 10 hour night it handles well. I mounted the light about 6' above ground level and it works good there. Our wind here usually comes out of the SW and to get the most sun exposure on the panel, even with the adjustable solar panel and light head, the light is not quite under the flag as it waves in the breeze but it still lights it.

    The price is about double the average flag pole light. Half again as much as some that bill themselves as the best. But I have experience with one of the so-called "The Best Flag Pole Light". That is why I bought this one. In the end, in both cases, I got what I paid for. This is a good quality light.

  • 5
    Awesome Light!

    Posted by Jeff Cedarstrand on Sep 7th 2016

    I purchased this light for my flag pole a month ago. It's perfect! Super bright & stays in all night. Extremely happy! Well worth the money.

  • 5
    Great light

    Posted by Elaine on Sep 5th 2016

    I love that this light can mount so nicely on the flag pole. It looked really nice on the pole But our pole is in a prerty shady spot somit didnt get enough sun to charge the light. We moved it across the driveway and directed it At the flag, which worked out well. Other than that, we are very pleased with the performance and would recommend this light To others.

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