South Carolina State Birthday

South Carolina State Birthday

Nickname: "The Palmetto State."

State Food: Collard Greens.

State Animal: White Tailed Deer.

State Motto: "Dum Spiro Spero" (While I Breathe I Hope).

Location: South Carolina.

Year: 1521.

The discovery of the coast by Francisco De Gordillo. Following this; the Spanish tried to establish a colony near present-day Georgetown in 1526, Their efforts where unsuccessful. Others attempts were also unsuccessful. the French failed to establish a colony on the island of Parris, near Fort Royal in 1562. It seems as though the English were the only successful ones at establishing a settlement. in 1670 they made a settlement on the Ashley river at Albermarle Point. But unfortunately, the poor conditions forced them out. where they ended up in Charleston. (known as Charles Town).

Location: North Carolina

Year: 1729.

This is the year South Carolina separated from North Carolina. During the revolution there was extensive military action. then again during the Civil War. 1860 was the year "With the election of Abraham Lincoln." the plantation owners were so fearful that he would set the slaves free that they secede from the union. In order to form a confederate States of America. in 1861 the South Carolina troops came upon Federal Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor.

Year: 1788.

South Carolina Became the eighth state to join the United States after the revolutionary war. Charleston was originally the capitol. in 1790 to be near the center of the state the capital became Columbia. 1793 cotton became a very big part of the wealth of South Carolina, that many plantation also got in the business of cotton. By the 1800's there were over 400,000 slaves In South Carolina. being brought in to to keep up with the demand.

Year: 1865

The War is over!. In 1868 the state readmitted into the union. after a new constitution freeing the slaves. Union soldiers under the command of General William Tecumseh Sherman Burned and destroyed more than two-thirds of the city. the destruction that was caused after the capture of Columbia was said to be so bad, that a lot of South Carolina needed to undergo some much needed reconstruction, Due to lack of funding following the war, the new state house couldn't be rebuilt until 1903.

Fun Facts:

I. Charleston welcomed a shipment of golf balls and clubs from Scotland as early as 1743. On September 29, 1786, the South Carolina Golf Club was formed and, within the same year, America’s first golf course was established on Charleston Green.

II. The only commercial tea plantation in the contiguous 48 states is on Wadmalaw Island, near Charleston, South Carolina.

III. On November 2, 1954, former governor Strom Thurmond became the first person to be elected to the U.S. Senate as a write-in candidate, winning 63 percent of the vote. Thurmond served the state of South Carolina as senator for 47 years, five months and eight days.


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