What Size Flag Fits On My Flagpole?

What Size Flag Fits On My Flagpole?

A. Finial: Top part of your pole, goes above the truck if outdoor pole, that gives a decorative look to your flag. Usually a ball, eagle or spear. Also known as an ornament

B. Truck: Device at the top of an outdoor pole that covers the pulley wheel which allows the halyard to raise and lower your flag

C. Grommet: Brass rings normally in the heading of the flag for mounting outdoor flags. Also called an eyelet

D. Snap Hooks: Hardware that is used to attach the flag to the halyard line. Usually offered in many different forms. Most common is brass, stainless steel or molded nylon

E. Canton: Blue area on the American Flag with the 50 stars. Also called Union, Field, or Jack

F. Flash Collar: Bottom piece of flagpole at the base. Can be used as decoration or as protection for your pole

G. Foundation Sleeve: A cylinder tube that goes in the ground to secure your flag in place. Acts as a stable base for an in ground flagpole. Can also be referred to as a foundation sleeve

H. Heading: Thick, heavy fabric used to secure the flag to the halyard line. Usually white if using grommets, or matches the flag if it is sleeved. Usually made out of canvas or durable cotton

I. Halyard: Rope used to raise and lower the flag. Can be internal or external. External would include a cleat on your pole

J. Cleat: A device used to wrap the bottom of the halyard around after raising or lowering their flag. Location of cleat depends on how tall the flagpole is

Other Flag Terminology That You Should Know!

  • Outrigger- A flagpole that is mounted a building or home at an angle. Usually a 45 degree angle. Usually mounted using a bracket
  • Fringe- Boarder of a flag to make it more decorative. Usually used for indoor display of parades. Also called a Crown
  • Fly End- The loose end of the flag that “flies” in the wind. This part of the flag is the easiest to tear because of the stress it endures
  • Sleeve- A way to attach the flag to the flagpole. The sleeve usually matches the flag itself. The sleeve goes over the pole and uses a tab on the inside at the top of the sleeve to latch into place and prevent sliding down the pole. Heading can also be an all white canvas
  • Pole Hem- The same fabric as a sleeve but with a fabric lining

CAUTION: The bigger the flag you buy, the easier it is to wear out and the more stress on the flag causes tears

An easy way to determine what size lag would nicely fit your flagpole- Your flag should be at least ¼ the height of your flagpole

Flags Poles and More Recommended Flag Sizes Based on Pole Size 

The highlighted sizes are the ones that Flags Poles and More sell! 

5 ft. Pole = 2.5x4 ft Flag

6 ft. Pole = 3x5 ft Flag

15 ft. Pole = 3x5 ft Flag

20 ft. Pole = 3x5 ft or 4x6 ft Flag

25 ft. Pole = 4x6 ft or 5x8 ft Flag

30 ft. Pole = 5x8 ft or 6x10 ft Flag

35 ft. Pole = 5x8 ft or 6x10 ft Flag

40 ft. Pole = 6x10 ft – 8x12 ft Flag

45 ft. Pole = 6x10 ft – 8x12 ft Flag

50 ft. Pole = 8x12 ft – 10x15 ft Flag

60 ft. Pole = 10x15 ft – 10x19 ft Flag

65 ft. Pole = 10x19 ft – 12x18 ft Flag

70 ft. Pole = 10x19 ft – 12x18 ft Flag

80 ft. Pole = 10x19 ft – 12x18 ft Flag

90 ft. Pole = 20x38 ft – 30x50 ft Flag

100 ft. Pole = 20x38 ft – 30x50 ft Flag

Most residential flags are 3x5 or 4x6

Most small industry and commercial building use 5x8 or 6x10

Large industrial and government building use a 8x12 or larger

Oct 4th 2018

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