US Flags

US Flags

In this section you will find our US Flags. Our US Flags are all 100% made in the USA. The very first step is for you to pick the material of the flag you are looking for.

Nylon work best in wet areas and in light wind.

Polyester doesn't work as well in wet areas, but work well in windy areas compared to nylon.

Cotton is for someone that wants their flag to look like the original US Flag. They are not as durable as nylon, polyester or Duratex.

Duratex is a new material it is the in between of nylon and polyester. This flag works in wet areas and in windy areas.

The Heritage Series is made of cotton and dyed to create a traditional, colonial feel.

Valley Forge Flag is one of our competitors in the flag industry. We sell their flags too since they are well made.

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